Stop Letting Your Phone Damage Your Spine!

young couple people meditating yoga in lotus position at early morning on the beach

Just by looking at the cover photo of this article, you can see how badly a phone can impact the top of your spine and your neck. The young girl holds her smartphone in front of her, but completely bends her head forward to look at it, which means the weight of her head is being held by small muscles in her neck, and the top of her spine.

Constantly looking down at an angle places immense amounts of strain on the spine, and it can result in permanent harm, especially for young people who are more prone to use the phones. Not only does this condition put you at risk for permanent damage, it also has the ability to alter your posture and create an unsightly “text neck” that looks like your head is protruding further than it should be, and the shoulders are hunched due to tension.

You’ll also see in this article, an infographic that explains just how much weight you’re putting on your spine by bending your head forward to look at your phone. When you’re head is in an up-right position, it’s already a 12lb strain. At a fifteen degree angle, you add fifteen pounds, and now it weighs 27lbs. A forty-five degree angle puts 49lbs of strain on your neck, and if you’re all the way hunched over at a 60 degree angle, that’s 60lbs you’re making your neck support, just to look at your phone.

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