Start Thinking About Holiday Massage Chair Shopping!!

I don’t think I need to tell you that we are now fast approaching the busiest massage chair shopping season of the year. And, it never fails that as this time of the year progresses, shortages of manufacturer’s stock becomes a real problem for procrastinating massage chair shoppers.

Of course, as I do every year, I will keep you posted for last minute shipping deadlines for each massage chair manufacturer as we get closer to Christmas. If you want a particular color or model, order early!! Don’t get caught having to order what’s available and not what you really want.

If you want white glove delivery on any chair, order earlier than for chairs with our free regular door-to-door delivery. White glove delivery always takes longer than standard delivery. Why? Well, standard delivery involves a shipping company going to the manufacturer to pick up your chair and then deliver it across the country to your door. You get a call from them to arrange a delivery time. With white glove delivery, the primary shipping company usually hands off the delivery assignment to another 3rd party company who then calls you to schedule a white glove delivery time. This “hand-off” is what eats up the additional time on the white glove delivery service.

I thought you’d like to know that!

Dr. Alan Weidner