Some Info About The Omega Skyline and Serenity

We have learned some things about the Omega Serenity (and Skyline) massage chair since we have had the Serenity in our showroom. I thought it would be good to tell you about these things before you buy one of them. It is hard to find these chairs out there, but they serve a wonderful niche in the massage chair market…a zero gravity chair in the low $2000 range.

1. Very handsome and stylish chairs

2. Rollers stay in one place in the lumbar and lower thoracic region. The rollers are not on a track. They are restricted to the lower back area. Air bags in the upper thoracic (rib cage) and neck massage those areas.

3. The ottoman does not come up independent of the reclining chair back. On most massage chairs, you can elevate the ottoman independent of whether the chair back reclines or not. In these chairs, the chair back and ottoman move simultaneously.

These are some things I think you should know about these new models from Omega.

Dr. Alan Weidner