Sogno Massage Chair For Your Pedicure!

Inada just recently announced the production of a new and modified Sogno massage chair, made specifically for the manicure/pedicure industry. I have had many clients tell us that they sat on a massage chair whilst getting a pedicure and

Inada  Sogno Spa massage chair
Inada Sogno Spa Massage Chair

that it felt fantastic. As a matter of fact, many of our clients were introduced to the concept of  massage chair through their nail technician. Of course, many of the chairs are cheap and not too feature-rich, but Inada has now come out with a model for that industry. It looks just like the typical Sogno massage chair but without the traditional ottoman. In lieu of the ottoman, is the place for the feet and the technician to go. From a marketing perspective, I think it is a great little niche for Inada to zero in on. I’m not exactly sure, but I don’t believe the other major manufacturers cater to that industry at all.

Speaking of catering to industries, I have always thought that the massage chair companies should come out with potentially interlocking massage chairs for home theaters. These two industries are natural fits but not much creativity has gone into this type of chair from the major massage chair manufacturers. Just a thought…

Dr. Alan Weidner