Smartphone Apps Won’t Save People From Back Problems, Study Finds

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Back pain is best dealt with using old-fashioned treatments. Smartphone apps that claim to treat ailments have been proven ineffective from a recent study from the University of Sydney showing it is still best to see professionals. The treatments suggested by mobile apps are unregulated and quality of information quite low. None have been tested to gauge effectiveness and lack customizable features that would be needed for individual treatment. App developers need to work closer with healthcare professionals in the future to produce more effective apps.

Key Takeaways:

  • Apps that claim to help treat back pain proved to be less effective than seeing a medical professional
  • Researchers reviewed 61 apps finding that many provided questionable content with no benefit to patients
  • Experts suggest that developers work closer with healthcare professionals to improve the apps

“Though the majority of the apps used guidelines suggested by Australia’s top health officials, the quality of the information shared by developers were low, in general.”

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