Sitting for long? Beware! It can kill


Most of us know smoking, poor diet, and heavy drinking can cause serious health effects. Not as many people are aware that long periods of sitting, especially as a habit, can be just as damaging to the human body. Humanity was not designed by nature to be sitters, yet in the modern era we spend an ever increasing amount of time planted in chairs. Some exercise can help blunt the health effects, especially some small but regular stretch or brief walk breaks.

Key Takeaways:

  • The human body is designed for activity, not sitting; long stretches seated can cause serious physical problems.
  • The inactivity of sitting drops one’s metabolism, and the lower energy level can lead to heart and cardiovascular issues.
  • Poor posture while seated can often lead to pain in the neck and back as your spine is slowly damaged over time.

“Though people may do some physical activity in the morning, but they too are not out of danger if they sit for long time.”

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