Sitting and Sleeping Fueling Canada’s Pain Crisis: 90 Per Cent Suffer from Daily Pain – Markets Insider

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The Canadian Chiropractic Association found that 90% of Canadians suffer with pain. This 90% is musculoskeletal pain also called MSK. Many Canadians are taking opiod pain medications to manage the pain and many get addicted to opiods. Chiropractic treatments have been found to be very effective at treating MSK pain. Unfortunately not many people are using these treatments usually due to lack of money to pay for treatments. Also many especially men are not familiar with chiropractic treatments. In conclusion many with MSK pain should use chiropractic care either by itself or in addition with other treatments.

Key Takeaways:

  • Canadians treating pain are not exploring non-pharmacological options to manage pain.
  • Alternatives like chiropractors exist but Canadians are challenged by financial hurdles and lack of doctor knowledge.
  • 85 percent of Canadians using painkillers with a chiropractor said it reduced their need for the medication.

“Canadians are suffering from daily muscle and joint pain, many turning to potentially harmful painkillers as a first step to treating their discomfort.”

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