Shoulder Pain & Massage Chairs (Video)

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Infinity Presidential massage chairAlan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘’ Today, we’re going to talk about shoulder pain. A lot of massage chair customers that are shopping for a chair are looking for shoulder pain relief. Now, when I hear the word shoulder pain, like hip pain, I don’t know exactly what that means to that patient, or that customer.

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Alan: Shoulder pain can be lateral shoulder pain, like on the outside of the shoulder, where the deltoid is, and to be honest, there’s not many chairs that do much for that area. There are chairs that have shoulder airbags that compress against the deltoid muscle, but it doesn’t really massage anything, but it compresses, and that may help a little bit. Other customers complain about shoulder pain in the front of the shoulder, and again, there are airbags that can inflate to the front of the shoulders and pull them back, primarily for postural correction, but it may not really do much for pain in that joint. Unless that pain is secondary to slumping shoulders, and a chair that brings the shoulders back will help relieve that discomfort. Some people talk about the trapezius muscles when they talk about shoulder pain, and there’s not many chairs that will actually hit the trap muscles. There are a couple of models, like the Inada DreamWave, or like the Luraco iRobotics 7, or the Panasonic MA73, at the time of this recording, those are three chairs that do address the trap to some degree.

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Alan: Most chairs, because they have the rollers going up and down the neck, will hit a portion of the traps back here, but it’s not a complete trapezius massage. Other customers talk about shoulder pain being the top of their shoulder blades, and I’m sure you, at times, if you work at a desk, or slouch forward a lot all day, or if you’re over an assembly line, or whatever, or drive a lot, this levator scapula muscle, which is the muscle at the top of the shoulder blades – and when you go back there, you can usually feel a little knot when you go back and forth – but that muscle can represent shoulder pain to a customer as well. So, shoulder pain can mean many, many different things, and it all depends on where your shoulder pain is. So, when you’re looking for a massage chair, it’s important for the person that’s selling you the chair, the retailer, whether it’s us or whoever, to tell them exactly where your pain is, so they can tell you if that massage chair, or which massage chair will address that area of discomfort.

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Alan: Also, some people consider the area between the shoulder blades, where the rhomboid muscles are, and more of the paraspinal muscles are, as shoulder pain. So, is your pain outside of the shoulder, front of the shoulder, the back of the shoulder, where the levator scapula is, or the top of the shoulder, where the traps are, or between the shoulder blades, where the rhomboid muscles are, and the paraspinal muscles that come down from the neck are, most massage chairs will take care of that area between the shoulder blades quite well. Most chairs will hit the levator scapula quite well. Some chairs will hit the trap, as I’ve mentioned. Some chairs have airbags that inflate on the deltoid muscles, which may or may not help you, and some chairs have airbags that pull the shoulders back, like the Inada Nest, or like the Infinity IT-8500. Those chairs will pull the shoulders back, and that may help you with postural correction, which may in turn help get rid of some of the muscle discomfort here in the shoulders. Now, if your shoulder pain is caused by maybe bone spurs, or a dislocated shoulder, or an AC joint separation, or a joint separation, a shoulder separation, or if it’s caused by some kind of a tumor, or growth, or cyst, a massage chair probably won’t do much for that at all.

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Alan: Most of the stuff that a massage chair will help you will are muscular, muscular issues, and that’s what I talk about, that’s why I’ve talked about some of these areas around the shoulder joint, different muscles can cause pain there, but it depends of where those muscles are – I mean, it depends on where your pain is – to determine which muscle it is that may be affecting the pain. So, yes, massage chairs can help shoulder pain. Determining the source of your shoulder pain is very important in selecting a chair, so that you get the right one to handle that problem.

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Alan: Anyway, my name is Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘’ I hope you found this video helpful. If you did, please feel free to thumbs up ‘Like’ us on our YouTube channel. And of course, if you found it helpful, help us spread the word about massage chairs by sharing it on your, you know, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, whatnot. We appreciate you helping spread that word. I will talk to you on the next video. Bye bye.

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  1. Hi what are some options to get a good chair massage for levator scapula muscle tension and knots? I’m an office worker and always get knots there. My wife as well. Thank you!

    1. Hi, Alex. Thanks for your inquiry. Most massage chairs do a great job on the levator scapulae. The same can’t be said for the trapezia or even the suboccipitals, but most chair’s rollers will hit the levators just fine. I hope this helps!
      dr. w.

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