Shoulder exercises to help reduce muscular tension and neck pain – Western Edition

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We all at times experience shoulder and neck pain which can lead to muscle cramps and headaches. Emotional stress or even staring at a computer screen and incorrect posture can all lead to this type of pain. It is recommended that every fifteen to twenty minutes stand up from the position that one has been in for that long. Take a short walk and roll the shoulders and shake out the arms a little and wiggling the body are ways to alleviate this type of pain and return to work.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many factors can contribute to neck pain and headaches. These factors can be improved with practice and posture correction.
  • Emotional factors like extreme stress can cause muscle tension, neck pain, and headaches .
  • Ergonomics of the workplace and posture can have one of the greatest impacts on muscle, neck, and head strains.

"Stress, incorrect posture, poor vision and not knowing how to relax may all contribute to neck and shoulder tension."

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