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If anyone has back pain, they can do a few things to help ease the pain. It might be short term pain or they might suffer for years–sometimes its hard to tell. There are a few things that people can do if they are suffering from back pain. They should make sure that they keep moving, even if its just slow at first. People should avoid going to bed during the day, stay working like normal, don’t be afraid to take over the counter pain killers. And most important, don’t be afraid to talk to a doctor.

Key Takeaways:

  • They say getting many people to “self-manage” their back pain will speed up waiting times for patients who do need specialist advice or surgery.
  • It is estimated that around a third of adults in Britain suffer from back pain every year, and often forces people to take time off work.
  • NHS bosses have launched a Cheshire and Merseyside Back Pain Help campaign and website with advice for patients and NHS staff.

““It means those who need to be are referred quicker and those for whom it is appropriate, are managed in the community or are empowered to manage their own care, recognising the vast majority of back pain doesn’t need any intervention.””

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