How Self Massage Can Help You Cope with Stress

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Although an appointment with a massage therapist or a session in a massage chair will give you the full benefits of massage, self-massage can also be a great way to stimulate energy, induce relaxation and reduce the visible signs of aging. As this Good Relaxation article notes, massage is highly effective at stimulating blood flow throughout the body and loosening up tense muscles and fascia.

If you’re feeling sore and tired after a long day at work, massaging the pained areas of your body will relieve your discomfort and leave you feeling refreshed and revived.

Self-massage is also great for stress. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by stress when it’s brought on by an unavoidable situation, such as having to put in extra hours at work in order to complete an important project on time. However, you can bring yourself back to a place of calm and focus by gently massaging your lower back and neck as tension tends to collect in those areas over the course of the workday.

It’s also worth noting that by massaging your face, you can actually make yourself look a bit younger. For one thing, doing so will increase blood circulation to the area which will give your face a nice healthy glow.

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