Scientists finally understand why deep breathing physically reduces stress – Quartz

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A writer for a science website reports on a finding made by researchers at at prestigious university in California. The researchers tried to find out the scientific basis for the fact that taking deep breaths tends to calm a person down. Therapists sometimes tell their patients to take such breaths. In addition, this practice is taught by yoga practitioners. The researchers used mice. They cut away some neurons that were suspected of controlling breathing. Instead of breathing badly, the mice became very calm.

Key Takeaways:

  • Deep breathing reduces stress and relaxes the body, and now scientists finally understand why.
  • Breathing is an automatic function of our body and lungs are designed to accommodate a variety of situations.
  • This study could lead to a better understanding of how breathing can be used to control anxiety and depression problems.

“Unlike the neurons in charge of other automatic movement, like our heart’s beating, the group of cells that governs our breathing have to accommodate a lot more variety.”

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