Sciatica in One Leg

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Sciatica in one leg is considered by some to be a problem with disc related injuries in the back. Sciatica is actually a type of nerve pain that can be brought about by several other factors other than disc related injuries and can lead to other problems as well. As the nerve pain persists in only one leg and not both it may lead to other problems with functionality in the lower body including lessened mobility, numbness and generally overall painful discomfort in the lower anatomy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Unilateral sciatica is a condition where a person experiences sciatica in only one side of their body and specifically one leg.
  • Sciatica in any form can be really brutal and challenging pain for a person to deal with.
  • There are lots of misconceptions surrounding the causes of sciatica and in many instances they are often misguided or simply wrong.

“Sciatica in one leg is known as unilateral sciatica and can exist on the left or right side, depending on the underlying causative process. Unilateral sciatica can be further divided in two distinct diagnostic parameters, including spinally-enacted sciatica and pseudo-sciatica.”

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