Sciatica in Both Legs

Back pain and sciatica are quite painful and can often times seem like it takes over your life. Constant pain can lead to a lot of bad things. From using drugs to ease the pain and more. Its hard to have a happy life when you are suffering on this level. There are many things that you can try to ease sciatica pain. If you have this shooting pain in both legs make sure you talk to your doctor and get some results that won’t take over your life.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sciatica in both legs, additionally called two-sided sciatica, is less normal than side effects that exist in just a single leg, called one-sided sciatica.
  • Two-sided sciatica comes in two unmistakable structures: genuine spinally-roused torment and agony that is sourced outside of the lumbar and sacral nerve roots.
  • This paper investigates the causes and side effects of sciatica in both the left and right leg all the while.

“A large percentage of patients with severe sciatica cite their pain as the worst and most debilitating health issue they have ever faced.”

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