Sanyo Massage Chairs Are No More!!

Sanyo 7700 Discontinued!

Well, I guess it’s official. I received a call from my Sanyo/Panasonic rep yesterday afternoon and he tells me that there are 3 Sanyo 7700 massage chairs left and after they are gone…no more Sanyo massage chairs. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised what with my recent rants about virtually non-existent customer support for the Sanyo products, but it still stunned me to hear the news.
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I have been selling the Sanyo 7700 for almost as long as I’ve been in the business, which is 9 years now. I have had one in my showroom (and before that in my chiropractic clinic) for 5 years. It has been a very reliable and durable chair. Japanese-made with a nice feature set, including the zero gravity which is so popular nowadays.

Will the demise of the Sanyo 7700 be a precursor of things to come from Panasonic, who bought out Sanyo? Will Panasonic chairs see the same fate (or, at least, certain Panasonic models)? We shall see.

The writing was on the wall about this the last few months when the Sanyo 8700 was completely discontinued. Then after the runaround I had getting support for my Sanyo 7700 client, I figured that it wouldn’t be long before the 7700 was next to go.

I am told that there are only 3 units left of the Sanyo 7700. If you are interested in one, call me right away at 801-651-2026. I can probably get it for you for a pretty decent price. I have a floor model that has been in my showroom for a few years now and it is in almost perfect condition. I will need to get unload that chair from my showroom line-up. If you are interested in that model, which I will sell for $2200, call me at the same number I above.

We will be removing the Sanyo brand title from our site altogether in the next few weeks. If you have any questions about this model or any other model, of course you can get a hold of me to chat. I am always at your disposal.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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  1. What chair now compares to the fantastic top of the line Sanyo? I used mine for years and then with the discontinuation had to let it go due to a lack of service options. Want a new one with that kind of quality and the screen on the arm rest opposed to a remote!

    1. Hi, Doreen
      Thank you for reaching out. I would say that the Panasonic MAJ7 is the closest one to the old Sanyo’s.
      dr. w.

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