Salt Lake Remodeling and Decorating Show

We attended the Salt Lake Remodeling and Redecorating Show this last weekend and had a wonderful time meeting so many of our Salt Lake neighbors. So many folks went tried out our chairs and I would have to say that the unanimous winner of the most popular chair was the HT-1650 massage chair by Human Touch. The foot and calf massage won over the hearts (and legs) of the many shoppers and vendors. They absolutely loved it.massage chair testers

I took a picture with my phone of some of our testers and it was really quite amusing watching folks lie there with their eyes closed and big smiles on their faces. We jokingly told them that they looked like a bunch of happy corpses (if there is such a thing!). We had an absolute blast with everyone. Even my wife came and got into the act…she escorted folks to various chairs and she didn’t even know much about the chairs; she just had fun interacting with everyone and enjoying the positive energy of everyone in attendance. A lot of very tired and sore shoppers and vendors came by for a reprieve from the activities of the show. We were quite glad to hook people up to a massage chair and give them some comfort. Thanks to everyone that visited with us and tried out our massage chairs.

Dr. Alan Weidner