Review of the D.Core Cirrus Massage Chair

D.Core Cirrus massage chair cream hero
D.Core Cirrus massage chair cream hero
D.Core Cirrus massage chair (cream)
Review of the D.Core Cirrus Massage Chair - IMG 0029 1 scaled e1614245070585
Accent lighting

The D.Core Cirrus massage chair, at first glance, is one of the nicest, dare I say most beautiful, looking massage chairs on the market. We have the cream colored one in our Utah showroom (it also comes in black), where I spent close to 2 hours sitting on it this week, preparatory to writing this review, and it certainly stands out from the rest. Not just because of the lighter color (most other massage chairs come in black or dark brown), but because of it’s real US-sourced walnut hardwood arm rests and panels, it’s clean lines, and it’s design. No head pillow, no overhanging arm airbags. It is a very nice looking chair. Adding to it’s nice aesthetics, the Cirrus also comes with accent lighting on the sides of the chair behind the wood panels. The lights turn on when you touch any of the buttons on the remote control.

But, of course, looks can only get you so far. The features of this chair are what really make it a beauty. I’ll go through my observations in this article, while also throwing in a few of my opinions, both positive and negative.

Design & Engineering

The D.Core Cirrus massage chair is the brainchild of Soshi Inada, son of Nichina Inada, who just happens to be the founder of Family Inada massage chairs of Japan (Inada Dreamwave, Inada Robo, Inada Nest, etc.). Good bloodlines! But the Cirrus is part of his own D.Core line and not the Inada company. The components, like almost all massage chairs, are manufactured in China, but the design, engineering, and quality control is Japanese.


Review of the D.Core Cirrus Massage Chair - IMG 0033 scaled e1614244536565 One of the reasons why I like this chair so much is the “fit”. For example, most chairs have a head pillow to prop up your head if you’re watching television or chatting with others in the room while using the chair or because your head falls too far back when reclined. But, when you use the neck pillow, you can’t optimally feel the rollers when they massage your neck.  The D.Core design has taken this into account by moving the head portion of the chairback more forward, thus supporting the head and neck better.  No need for a pillow! And, as I mentioned before, that contributes to the “clean” lines of the chair.

When I sit in the chair and if I do not want to use the arm airbags, the US-sourced hardwood arm rests are positioned such that my arms rest comfortably on those wooden arm rests. Sufficient padding in the seat and back also make for a comfortable when sitting in the chair.

Strong 3D Roller Massage

The term “D.Core” stands for “Deep Core”, and I will say that if you are looking for a massage chair with a strong roller massage, aka deep tissue massage, the D.Core will not disappoint. It really digs into your muscles, most notably in the buttock muscles and the neck and shoulder region. This deeper, more intense roller massage experience can be attributed to two things: 1.) corrugated roller balls , and 2.) a patented roller mechanism. The corrugated rollers balls are not smooth like virtually all other roller mechanisms. It has corrugated, ridged edges that really dig into muscle insertion points. These roller balls remind me of those small decorative pumpkins we have around the house during Thanksgiving. I really feel those roller balls working their magic on the muscles at the top of my shoulder blades (the levator scapulae muscles).

The patented roller system is very interesting (see video clip below). From what I understand, the roller balls have a separate motor from the massage arm that push the rollers even deeper into your musculature, simulating a more true Shiatsu massage. By the way, those 4 rollers also feel like the right and left rollers can work independently of each other. I noticed it particularly in the neck. Once side seemed to massage deeper than the other side, creating a right and left turning effect of my head. I didn’t really feel that down the rest of my back. The right and left rollers seemed to work in unison in those areas.

I have found that the lowest of the three roller depth/intensity settings is still quite strong, even too strong for some people.

Hand, Calf, & Foot Rollers

The D.Core Cirrus is the first massage chair, that I am aware of, that has arm rollers. Your hands sit in the arm massage mechanism with your palms down. There are airbags immediately above your arms that, when inflated, compress down onto your forearms, hands, and wrists, which are then simultaneously pushed onto longitudinal rollers. It is a unique feeling. It really provides a strong massage, particularly in the wrist and fingers, where the muscles are thinner. Like the back rollers, these rollers are quite firm. I felt my wrist bones pop a bit and I noticed that the rollers actually bent my fingers back a bit. I actually liked it very much!

The calf and foot rollers are not quite as strong as the arm rollers, but they do a great job, in concert with the calf and foot airbags. The calf airbags also knead your calf muscles when inflated. The ottoman of the D.Core Cirrus is spring loaded. That means that if you want to extend the length of the foot and calf massagers, you just have to push your feet to the needed length. No need to mess with any buttons on the remote control to make the ottoman longer. The resistance of the spring is pretty light so you won’t have to battle the spring when you’re trying to relax with your legs extended.

L-Track Rollers

The rollers extend from the base of your skull down to the buttocks. However, I noticed that they didn’t go as far as other L-track chairs. It’s primary focus was the belly of the glutes and the Sacro-Iliac (SI) joint at the base of your spine when the rollers went down to the buttocks.  This chair does a great job in that area. They did not roll down to the lower part of your butt muscles. In most other L-track chairs, the rollers extend down a bit further, although they don’t really dig in too deep at that point. I even tried to go into the manual mode to see how far down I could move the rollers. That didn’t help. But, man, the Cirrus hits the upper glutes and SI joint very firmly.

The typical roller track length in an L-track chair is 49″. The D.Core Cirrus roller track is 45″ long. To be honest, I wouldn’t have minded if the rollers went down another 4″.

The chair has shoulder airbags that pull your shoulders back when the rollers go past that part of your spine. It creates a strong upper back massage because the shoulder airbags keep your torso from moving forward when the rollers pass by. By the way, the shoulder airbags can be adjusted up and down to accommodate both shorter and taller torsos.

That reminds me of something else…this chair can effectively the whole spine of folks as tall as about 6′ or 6’1″. Someone taller can fit in the chair, but the rollers will not reach the top of the neck of that taller body. This chair is ideal for folks who are 6’1″ or shorter.

The roller mechanism in the D.Core Cirrus is very quiet and smooth. You can just feel the quality of the rollers when you use this chair. You can hear the air compressors turn on and off, which is common on many massage chairs, but the rollers are nice and quiet.

This  & That

  1. Like all other Furniture For Life massage chairs, the Cirrus comes with a 3 year parts & labor warranty with an extended warranty option that gives you 2 more years of parts & labor.
  2. No BlueTooth or Chromotherapy.
  3. At the time of this writing, the Cirrus now comes with a stretch program, which it did not have before the most recent shipment. I haven’t experience it yet so I can’t give you my feedback, but it’s probably a pretty standard hip distraction stretch…I’m sure it’s nothing to write home about.
  4. Of the 9 auto programs, there is one called “Air Focus”, which employs only theReview of the D.Core Cirrus Massage Chair - IMG 0030 1 scaled e1614246550205 chair’s airbags. Some folks actually seek out a massage chair that has an air-only program. This chair’s got it. I should mention that the foot and calf rollers are included in the Air Focus program.
  5. Some have complained about how difficult it can be to read the text on the remote control interface. I am told that a new remote display is part of the latest shipment (along with the stretch program). I’ll bet it’s an improvement. Some have commented that the remote feels somewhat cheap for a chair at this price. The gold trim looks nice, but the plastic interface does seem like it could wear out quickly. We shall see!
  6. Speaking of the remote control, it has a magnet on the back of it that attaches to a magnet on the right arm rest. Easy access.
  7. The remote control is quite different from other massage chairs in terms of it’s easy of use. It takes a little getting used to but, like all remote controls, the learning curve is not terribly steep and you should have it figured out fairly quickly.
  8. Manual settings include 3 kneading and tapping speeds. You can’t adjust the speed of kneading and tapping speeds of the rollers in the auto programs, but you can in the manual settings. The chair gives you kneading up or kneading down roller options in the manual mode.
  9. The D.Core Cirrus is one of the few massage chairs that allows you to adjust the width of the rollers in the kneading mode. Most chairs only allow that feature in a tapping and/or knocking mode.  The width adjustments are “narrow”, “mid”, and “wide”, but to be perfectly honest, I really didn’t feel much difference between the 3 options. If there is a difference, it seemed quite negligible to me.
  10. Low back heating element.
  11. The D.Core line has two other models at the time of this writing, the Cloud and the Stratus. Here is a comparison chart of the three D.Core models:


$8499 (March 1, 2021)

Stratus $7999

Cloud $4999

Master Shiatsu Massage








Stretch Program





Back, Arms, Calves, Feet

Back, Arms, Feet

Back, Feet

Air Massage

Shoulders, Arms, Glutes, Calves, Feet

Shoulders, Arms, Calves Feet

Accent Lights

Yes (logo and surround)

Yes (logo only)


Wood Accent

Arm, Side+



I hope you’ve gleaned something from this review.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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7 Replies to “Review of the D.Core Cirrus Massage Chair”

  1. I am trying to choose between the D Core Cirrus and the Kahuna EM 8500. Both are strong and I love the look of the Cirrus better. It seems like the Kahuna is stronger and has a better stretch. Your thoughts….

    1. Hi, Nikki
      Thank you for reaching out. We do not carry the Kahuna chairs, but have heard that their customer support is quite weak. Their chairs are chinese made, like most, but built in a smaller factory. I have the Japanese designed and engineered Cirrus in our showrooms and love it! It is one of my favorite chairs because of the it’s intense roller massage, beautiful design, corrugated roller balls, and arm rollers (something very unique in the massage chair market). They also have fabulous customer support and our own Lifetime Labor Warranty. I hope this helps.
      dr. w.

  2. Dr. W, not sure if my comment went thru yesterday. I’m around 5 9” to 5 10”. I would like more intensity than the Dream Wave. The lesser intensity is one of the reasons I need a new massage chair.

    1. Hi, Joe
      Take a look at the following L-track models:
      1. Daiwa Supreme Hybrid – stronger roller massage and a stretch similar to the DreamWave, but even more intense.
      2. Human Touch Novo XT2 or Super Novo – stronger roller massage with seat airbags that lift either side of the hips, along with waist airbags and butt rollers.
      3. Daiwa Pegasus 2 – same as #2 above.
      I hope these give you some good ideas. We have in-store sales on all of these models. Feel free to call me at 801-651-2026 or email me at [email protected] for pricing.
      dr. w.

  3. Does the Cirrus have the hip twist that the Inada dreamwave has. I’m looking for a chair that goes as low as possible down the buttocks (would be great if there is one that goes down the back of the thighs) and stretches but the Dreamwave hip twist has spoiled me. I know I need to get a more modern chair (I bought the Dreamwave from you in 2011) but dont want to buy a chair that does ‘less’ for me than the Inada Dreamwave.

    1. Hi, Joe
      Thanks for reaching out. It’s good to hear from you again. The Inada DreamWave is an S-track chair, which is the chair type that usually has the hip twist or seat swivel. L-track chairs, like the D.Core Cirrus, though they offer gluteal massage, typically do not have a seat swivel, but the butt rollers along usually thrill most customers. If you tell me how tall you are, I can make some recommendations for a good L-track. Do you like the lesser intensity of the DreamWave? If so, I can make one or two recommendations.
      dr. w.

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