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Zero G massage chair

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ZeroG 4.0Alan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘’ and today we’re going to discuss the remote control of the ZeroG 4.0 massage chair from Human Touch. Now, the ZeroG 4.0 is their top of the line model in their new Immersion Seating lineup, which are great chairs. It’s a small chair, it doesn’t leave a big footprint, it has zero gravity, and a great massage, and of course, the patented Human Touch, awesome, foot-and-calf massage, but today we’re just going to talk about the remote control. Now, the remote control has got three different areas that you kind of need to focus on, or that you can use, when you’re using the chair. Number one is the automatic programs, they’ve got four automatic programs right here, and this is called ‘Auto Immersion.’ Now, you push the ‘Refresh,’ ‘Relax,’ ‘Retreat,’ or ‘Sleep’ programs, and you’ll get a different type of massage. Now, when you turn on the chair, you turn the power on that side, but you can push this button right here that says ‘Go to Zero,’ and that will put, that will move the chair in to the zero-gravity position, ‘Go to Zero.’ You’ll see over here it says ‘Intensity and 3D.’ Well, you can adjust the intensity for the low back, and the shoulder area, there are three different settings for each area. That’s very unique, we’ve not seen that in a chair before, where you can adjust the intensity of one part of the spine versus another.

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Alan: Usually, on every other massage chair, the 3D rollers, you have one adjustment that moves all the rollers forward for the entire section, for the entire spine, here, you can break it up in to two areas. You’ll see also here, that you can have – well, OK, on this part, we’re going to get back to this in a moment, these are the ‘Targeted Benefits,’ this is the ‘Stretch,’ ‘Flex,’ ‘Tone,’ and ‘Ease,’ Human Touch uses their own terminology for things like kneading, and tapping, and percussing, and whatnot, so but they’re going – they use these different names, and we’re going to get to this in a moment. When you push on an auto program, like one of these four auto programs, you will see that these will light up to tell you what the chair is doing to you at that moment. Of course, we just talked about the intensity, we talked about going to zero-gravity position, you hold that button down, and here you’ll see ‘Legs’ and ‘Recline.’ If you just want to bring the ottoman out, and you don’t want to go to a zero-gravity position, and you just want to bring the ottoman out, you push the ‘Legs’ button, and when you want to retract the ottoman, you push the ‘Legs Back, you can also ‘Recline’ the chair, or ‘Incline’ the chair. In other words, you don’t have to just go to the zero-gravity position, you can adjust the chair to wherever you want the legs, and wherever you want the chair back. Now, down here is an interesting feature, it’s called the ‘Bodymap Pro.’ Now, this is kind of a semi-automatic program, or set of automatic programs. You’ve got neck, and upper shoulders, you’ve got shoulder blades, and the mid back, and low back, and lumbar spine, and then of course, the buttock. If you just want to work on one area, you just push on that button. Let’s say we want to work on the low back, turn it on, and bang, the low back will turn on back here, you can feel the rollers working, and you can get that area of your spine worked on.

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Alan: Now, when that program starts, you will also, again, up here, see what is being done. Now, you see right now that it’s a little bit of a stretch, and a little bit of an ‘Ease’ program are being used, when I have it on the low back there, and then that’ll change up, and move to a different area, I mean, move to a different type of massage mode, but that is the ‘Bodymap Pro,’ which is very unique to this chair. We’ve not seen this before, you just push a button, and bang, the rollers go to that area, and work on that particular area, it’s quite convenient. Now, on the side here, you have got the manual settings. So, let’s say you want to have, let’s say you want to have ‘Flex,’ the ‘Flex,’ right there, you can push ‘Flex’, and you’ve got two settings on ‘Flex,’ let’s say we want to use the ‘Flex’ feature, or the ‘Flex’ ‘Targeted Benefit,’ or mode, you can go over here, and move the rollers to where you want them to go, let’s say I want to move them up to my mid back, and then you can push ‘Zone,’ which will move the rollers within a six-inch range, above and below where you stopped it. You can adjust the ‘Width,’ there’s three settings for ‘Width’ of the rollers, and ‘Range’ will allow you to affect the range that the rollers work, and of course, here is the ‘Seat’ massage. You can push that button there to get the seat, the airbags in the seat working, and down here, you have ‘Foot and Calf,’ and ‘Foot Vibration.’ So, you’ve got three different settings for the foot and calf, you can also get a foot vibration, and there’s not many chairs that have a foot vibration, Human Touch has them on this one, and on the HT-9500, and that’s a nice feature to have, some people love the vibration, especially in the feet.

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Alan: So, that is the remote control – oh, and then when you want to turn it off, you push the ‘Stop’ button, and you can, you can either recline or incline, you know, bring the chair back using these buttons, or using the – that we talked about earlier, for the recline and incline of the chair back, or for the ottoman going in and out, or you can hold this button down for two seconds, and then everything restores back to neutral. So, that is the remote control of the Human Touch ZeroG 4.0 massage chair, a very nice remote control, this ‘Bodymap Pro’ makes it quite unique, very easy to use for a targeted, just a targeted area of your spine. You’ve got the auto programs to work your whole spine, and then you’ve got the manual settings to move it to where you want it to go, to do the mode that you want it to work, and the zone that you want it to work within, so that is the remote control. So, if you found that video helpful, please feel free to share us on YouTube, and Twitter, and Google Plus, and Facebook, or ‘Like’ this video, or ‘Like’ us, we appreciate you helping us spread the word about massage chairs. That is the remote control for the ZeroG 4.0. I am Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘,’ and we will see you again on the next video. Bye bye.

Click on the following link to watch this Human Touch ZeroG 4.0 massage chair tutorial on our YouTube channel.

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