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Panasonic MA73

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Panasonic MA73Alan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and today we’re going to talk about the remote control of the Panasonic MA73 massage chair. Now, the remote control of the MA73 and the MA70 are very, very similar. I remember when I first got my first MA70, the fellow from Panasonic that sold me the chair did not send me an owner’s manual. He wanted to see if I could figure out how to use the chair without the owner’s manual, because he felt that the remote control was intuitive enough that it’d be easy to do that, and you know what? It was, and it is, and it’s a very easy remote to use, a little different from some of the other Chinese-made chairs, but the remote control is easy to use, and it’s fairly intuitive. So, I’m just going to go over some of the basic functions of the remote control, so that you’ve got an idea of how this thing plays out. We’ve got a power button here, and when you turn that on, you’ll get a display here of the shape of the body, and it’ll show you things like where the massage is going on, and what’s being done to the back. You also have a – this power button, you can also press that to turn off the chair, and park the chair, or park the rollers, and bring the chair back up to upright – if you push this red button, it shuts everything off. It will not restore back to neutral, or back to parked position, or neutral position, or upright position, that just shuts everything off, you use that maybe in the case of an emergency. Here’s your ottoman adjustment, your chair back adjustment, so you can position the chair however you want it. This user one, two, and three are – what you can do is, not many chairs have this function – but you can manually set whatever you want the chair to do.

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Alan: Whether it’s to turn on these airbags, or whether you want it to do this particular function to the low back, or to the neck, or whatever you want, and then you can memorize that program by pushing one, two, or three. So, you can memorize up to three different programs, for either the same person, or for three different people, so that’s what these three little user buttons are all about. Down here, you’ll see the main programs: the ‘Swedish,’ ‘Deep,’ ‘Shiatsu,’ ‘Stretch,’ ‘Neck & Shoulders,’ and ‘Lower Back.’ Those are your auto-programs, and what they’ve added here that they didn’t have on the MA70, is ‘Soft’ to ‘Hard.’ So, it says ‘Auto,’ ‘Soft,’ ‘Hard,’ so if you want a little softer massage, push over here. If you want to get a little bit harder, use the ‘Deep.’ If you want the hardest, use the ‘Shiatsu.’ If you want to isolate your auto massage to the low back, or to the neck and shoulders, just press those buttons, and of course, the stretch program there. This also – over here, you’ll notice stretch – it has neck, chest, and hip stretch, so you can isolate stretches to one particular region: the neck, the chest, or the hip. Airbag massage, if you just want the airbag massage, you can isolate it to the shoulders, hands and arm, lower back, leg and foot. You will also notice over here, manual settings, so if you want to work on the neck, you can push on the neck. If you want to work on the shoulders, the middle back, the lower back, or the full back, you can do that as well. You can also select the ‘Tapping,’ or the mode that you want to use when you’re in – or an ‘Ultra-Knead,’ you can see there – or whatever mode you want to use when when you’re doing a manual setting, you can push it there.

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Alan: You also have a back intensity adjustment. This is a 3D-massage-roller chair, so you can move the rollers forward or back to make it more or less intense, and of course airbag intensity here. You can do that, if you find that the airbag is too intense, and squishing too hard on a part of your body, like the foot, or if it’s not hard enough, you can increase it. Here’s ‘Foot Heat’ and ‘Back Heat,’ so you’ve got two different heating elements. And right here, for the manual settings, let’s say you want to do ultra-kneading, and you want to move it to one particular part of your body – let’s say right up to the neck – you can use the up arrow, move it to where you want to go, or down to the low back, if you want to, and the push ‘OK,’ and it’ll start the massage. These little arrows on the side of this little dial are for width adjustment. So, let’s say you’ve got the rollers on manually, and you’re a big-bodied person, and you want the rollers to go out a little bit farther, you can adjust the width out. If you’re a small-bodied person, small-spine person, and you feel like the rollers are going too far out, you can bring them in, and change the width inward. So, that is essentially the way that this machine works, this remote control works. It does have a voice – what they call a voice response – which is a lady’s voice that comes over the remote control, and talks to you, and tells you what the chair is doing. You can shut her down if you want to, there’s a volume button. You can push the volume down all the way, until you don’t hear her voice, or you can crank it up, and hear her talk. It’s very clear instructions, telling you what the chair is doing to you, but that’s essentially how the remote control works.

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Alan: The remote control sits in a pedestal, you can take it out and use it while you’re lying in the chair, or you can easily – and of course, as I struggle with it – easily pop it back in to the remote-control pedestal, just like that, and that’s the remote control of the Panasonic MA73. It’s pretty straightforward, not a complicated massage-chair remote control at all, and of course, you’ll get an owner’s manual with the chair, and it’ll explain a little bit more about it, because I may have confused you more than helped you with some of these buttons. But I hope you found this video helpful. If you did, thumbs up ‘Like’ us please, on our YouTube channel. And of course, if you found it helpful, share the video, share it on any of your social media properties to help us spread the word about massage chairs. But I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘,’ and I will see you again in the next video. Bye bye.

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