Real-World Massage Good for Low Back Pain, Study Says – National Pain Report

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A website covering pain has a feature about the effectiveness of massages in reducing back pain. The feature referred to a report about a study, in which patients with back pain were given a series of ten back massages. The sessions were free. More than half of the patients recorded improvements that could be measured. The researchers said there needed to be more studies. The account notes that massage is not insured, questioning whether people will pay for this treatment.

Key Takeaways:

  • A massage is a good way to relax and relief lower back pain.
  • It helps to improve circulation and to break up lactic acid trapped in tense muscles.
  • patients report feeling better and have an improved range of motion and where able to move faster and suffered less.

“A study published in the journal Pain Medicine showed that more than 50 percent of adults who were in the study experienced clinically meaningful improvements in their low back pain with disability.”

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