A Quick and Easy Way to Relieve the Pain of Tech Neck

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While the widespread adoption of computer technology in the workplace has provided us with numerous benefits, it has also had its share of drawbacks. One of the more prominent of those drawbacks is the emergence of a new disorder called tech neck. In recent years, chiropractors across the country have noticed a sharp uptick in the number of patients complaining of chronic neck and back pain.

The reason for this is that more and more industries require workers to spend a significant portion of their workdays sitting at desks typing away in computers, an activity that exerts significant strain on the spine and back and neck muscles.

Untreated, the condition can become quite debilitating as it causes sufferers to feel significant pain as well as a curtailed range of motion. Thankfully, tech neck can be treated effectively very simply. For one thing, sufferers need to interrupt the amount of time they spend staring at computer screens by taking brief breaks to stretch and walk around a little. Additionally, they can relieve the strain they place on their bodies by massaging the affected areas as doing so will loosen up constricted muscles and fascia.

And though a session with the professional massage therapist or massage chair would be most effective, the kind of self-massage described in this Good Relaxation article can also provide a degree of relief.

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