Price Increase Coming For Popular Inada Massage Chairs!

We just learned today from Inada USA that they will be increasing their prices on their famous Sogno Inada massage chair to $6799 from the current price of $6499 on February 15, 2010. The i2A massage chair price will increase from $3299 to $3799 on that same date. This is a big deal to us. We are very eager to see how this affects the amazing response we have seen on the very popular Sogno massage chair since it was introduced to the U.S. market in February 2008. The Inada Sogno has been, by far, our most popular seller and price has been an issue with many of our customers. I am interested to see if the popularity of the chair outweighs price sensitivity in this economy.

I have been so pleasantly surprised to see how massage chair sales have remained strong for us during this economic downturn. Well, this price increase will be an interesting “test” for you, our visitor. You never know how folks will respond until you test a variable. Price is a very important variable to test…something that most people are sensitive to, in one way or the other. Some people will think the price too high and will bow out of the market for this model. Others will see the price increase as a contributing factor to enhanced exclusivity that this product already enjoys. I will be so interested to see the consumer’s response to this. I will report on  it later next year once I have a good feeling for how it is going.

Dr. Alan Weidner