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You work hard every single day. You eat right and you avoid that fast food as if it’s the plague. When you walk into the break room you avoid those boxes of donuts, chocolate bars and calorie rich soda drinks.

Yet with all of this hard work and discipline, it still seems as if you are gaining weight. What is the problem?

One of the biggest problems we have is the issue of portion control. It’s great that you have cleaned up your diet. That’s the first step. But, it’s only a step. The next step you have to work on is the overall amount of calories you consume on the daily.

It doesn’t matter how clean and nutritious these calories are. If you are in a surplus of calories for your body, you are going to gain weight.

So what can you do? The simple solution is to divvy up your meals once a week by preparing exactly what you will eat and how much of it you will eat. This may sound too complicated at first, however, it really isn’t. It’s quite simple.

Take a look at this guide to preparing your meals on a regular basis.


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