Pilates Effective in Alleviating Chronic Low Back Pain – Clinical Pain Advisor (registration)

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In a study containing lower back pain patients, varying types of pilates were used to test their effect on chronic lower back pain. Pilates strengthens the transversus abdominis, which could ease lower back pain. The study was broken into two separate groups; one group used machines in their pilates workout, and the second group did their pilates on a floor mat. The study concluded that the use of pilates machines was more beneficial to lower back pain than doing pilates on a floor mat.

Key Takeaways:

  • Pilates helps control chronic lower back pain by strengthening the transversus abdominus muscle
  • A study was done with two groups of people, one did mat pilates and the second used a pulley apparatus
  • Both groups in the study showed improvements as compared to a control group

“In recent years, Pilates — an exercise program focused on controlled movements — has become a highly recommended activity for patients with chronic LBP.”

Read more: http://www.clinicalpainadvisor.com/low-back-pain/pilates-effective-treatment-for-low-back-pain/article/687114/