Personalized physical therapy brings relief for lower back pain

stretching before workout

If you suffer from lower back pain you may be looking for relief. There is a lot that you can do to get relief and one of those things is physical therapy. There are a lot of great exercise and stretches that you can learn that will help you strengthen your back and give relief to you. Make sure you go to one that is certified and talk to him or her about your pain and what you are hoping to gain from a personalized physical therapy treatment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Almost ninety percent of those seeking treatment for lower back pain receive a non-specific diagnosis.
  • Of the slightly more than ten percent that get a detailed diagnosis, one subgroup experiences fractional control of their back muscles, while sitting, bending, or standing.
  • Patients with this condition, known as movement control impairment, were monitored for gains after three months of therapy and again after twelve months.

“A new study shows that the combination of manual therapy and exercise is an excellent way to combat movement control impairment in the lower back.”

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