Persistent, Harsh Shoulder or Neck Pain? It Might Be Frozen Shoulder

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When it comes to suffering from shoulder or neck pain, no one ever want to think about or have to suffer through the act of shoulder or neck pain. However knowing just what your neck or shoulder pain is can be a difficult thing. This article offers you the insight and a more in depth look into whether or not your shoulder or neck pain could be frozen shoulder.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dr. Schaefer says people with frozen shoulder syndrome often first seek treatment with their primary care provider or go to urgent care or the emergency department for help with this elusive pain before they consult him.
  • Causes of frozen shoulder syndrome include surgery, injury to the shoulder or other part of the body, including the head, and certain health conditions.
  • Once you have frozen shoulder on one side of your body, you are up to 30 percent more likely to experience it on the other shoulder at some point in time.

““Frozen shoulder syndrome is one of the most common diagnoses I see in my practice””