Persistent back pain: 9 tips to ease the discomfort in your lower back

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Persistent back pain often causes people to be less active. There are, however, 8 ways to manage persistent back pain so that people can become more active again. These include, doing the activities that you normally do, gradually increasing the amount and intensity of your activities, building up cardiovascular strength, reducing stress, working, using medication according to your doctor’s advice, relaxing, and identifying what triggers flare-ups.

Key Takeaways:

  • Research suggests that focusing less on getting rid of the pain and more on getting back to meaningful activities leads to better functioning and quality of life, and less pain.
  • Do activity gradually and expect to feel worse initially – this is normal. Don’t overdo it, and review your plan weekly.
  • Start simple, low-level cardiovascular, strengthening and stretching exercises, building up gradually.

“”It can be natural for people with persistent back pain to avoid being active, for fear of making things worse, but often, this can be counter-productive.””