Perfect Your Plank: The Move to Banish Back Pain –

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An online version of a television news show features an account of how to relieve back pain through exercise. The account recommends an exercise called the plank. This is so named because the person performing it is supposed to be as straight as a plank of wood. This exercise is supposed to make the back muscles stronger, thus alleviating pain. The features has several tips on doing the plank correctly. A video is supplied with the story.

Key Takeaways:

  • Information on lower back pain and how common it is , and the expenses of medical care on the problem.
  • Shows and talks about how to successfully perform the plank exercise , and basic tips to get started.
  • The benefits and muscles that the exercise works, a beginners platform variation of the exercise until you build strength.

“Planks are God’s gift to people with low back pain, which is the third most expensive medical condition in the United States.”

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