Panasonic Massage Chair Warranty Overseas

I wrote a blog post about our policies on international massage chair orders. I actually spoke to Panasonic this week about a chair sale to Canada. I was told that even Panasonic and Sanyo do not honor their warranties when the chairs leavePanasonic Massage Chair Warranty Overseas - logo panasonic US soil. I was surprised somewhat by that, as they are international companies with a presence in virtually every market. I was told that the massage chair would have to be brought back to the US to have warranty work done on it.

If the chair goes to another country, and there is a problem with the chair, the local “service centers” can still work on the chair, but it will not be covered by the warranty. This is good information to know if you are contemplating an overseas purchase.

Panasonic Massage Chair Warranty Overseas - logo sanyoMassage chairs are designed to last many, many years…far more years than the warranties last. But, should something go wrong with it during the warranty period, it would sure be nice to know that it is covered.

Hope this helps!

Dr. Alan Weidner