Panasonic MA73 Update

Panasonic MA70 Massage Chair
Panasonic MA70 Massage Chair
Panasonic MA73

A couple of months ago I announced that Panasonic was introducing a new model, an upgrade from their lovely MA70, called the MA73. On paper, this chair looked to have some cool upgrades, including the following features: palm/sole kneading and double heated rollers. I mentioned at that time that I wasn’t sure exactly what these features were, but I had high hopes that we would see foot and hand rollers in this model.

Well, after a few months of quizzing my Panasonic contact, I hate to say that I am still not definitive on what they exactly mean. Between what I am told and what the pictures show, the verbiage is nebulous enough that it is not completely clear what this new chair has.

For example, based on new graphics of the chair, it appears as though foot kneading is not actually foot rollers, as I had hoped, but plates under the soles of the feet that push up and perform some reflexology benefit to the feet. These are not rollers. Take a look at this photo from Panasonic’s own website.


Also, when I asked Panasonic about the palm kneading, I learned that nobody really knew what it was, but I finally heard back that it has “alternating heating pressure.” Still not sure what that means, but it appears as though there is an airbag, or something, that is heated and applies pressure to the palms of the hands. Akin to that, Panasonic’s website also speaks of “hand and arm massagers in the armrests.” Next to this phrase, they have the following image on their site…implying to me that perhaps they have massage rollers in the arm section?? Not sure. But take a look…


I hate to say it, but I am still not sure what this chair does to the feet and hands. I am selling my MA70 floor model (ice color; only $3999!!) to make room for a new MA73. Once I have this chair in my possession, I can give an objective review of it and the mysterious palm and sole kneading feature. Until then, we will continue to speculate.

FYI, I have sold a number of these chair so far and my customers seem to love it. So, it must be doing something right…even if I can’t exactly explain what parts of it are doing!

Dr. Alan Weidner

P.S. If you have any comments or if you own this chair, feel free to leave your observations and comments below this post for others to read.