Panasonic EP30007 Discontinued

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All the Panasonic massage chairs sold in the USA are now being distributed by Furniture For Less, which is the umbrella company that also distributes the Inada and Positive Posture chairs. Since they became the distributors for Panasonic in the US, they have discontinued the Panasonic EP30007 model. They only carry the MA70 and the MA73 models now.

Panasonic EP30007

When I first got started in this business in 2005, Panasonic was one of the brands available for me to sell and the EP30000 series was, at that time, the new line that Panasonic was promoting. It began with the EP30003, 30004, and 30005. Eventually those models faded into oblivion and the 30007 was all that remained from that line. That was their top-of-the-line model. It has not been a big seller over the years but provided a good massage at a good price, with Japanese design and engineering behind it.

The MA models are a much better chair than what the EP line offered, in my opinion. The massage experience is superior, the arm airbags are newer and more innovative, the heated rollers is a really cool innovation, side shoulder airbags instead of posterior shoulder airbags, and the programming is more sophisticated. The ottoman extends without the need of a lever, like the one that the 30007 has. The MA chairs have a self retracting and extending ottoman. The MA chairs also double really well as regular recliners, which is a very innovative idea in the massage chair business.

So long EP30007, my old friend. Wish I could say I’ll miss you, but I’d be lying!!

Dr. Alan Weidner

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