Panasonic 30006 vs. Panasonic 30007 Massage Chairs

We get calls all the time asking about the difference between the Panasonic 30006 and 30007 massage chair models. They both come from the same 30000 series that Panasonic began a year or so ago withPanasonic 30007 massage chair the 30003. The design is the same, but there are a few subtle differences amongst all the 30000 series chairs…mostly with the number or airbags. Now, the differences between the 30006 and 30007 are as follows:

1.  same number of airbags; same appearance.

2. price difference. We sell the 30007 at $4499 and the 30006 at $3400. We do not have the 30006 on our website, but we do sell it.

3. the 30007 massage chair has wooden armrests; the 30006 has the faux leather material armrests.

4. the 30006 is manufactured in China; the 30007 is manufactured in Japan.

So, basically, what I am telling you is that the two models are pretty much exactly the same except for the material on the armrests and the fact that one is manufactured in China and one in Japan. Of course, there is a price difference. Some folks really appreciate the Japanese quality and will pay extra for it.

I hope this helps!

Dr. Alan Weidner