Panasonic 30006 Massage Chairs Now Available…By Phone Only

We have been notified by Panasonic that we are able to make the Panasonic 30006 massage lounger, previously only available through The Sharper Image stores, available to our clients. However, this news is quite new, so we don’t have the chairs on our website yet. But, we can sell them over the phone. The 30006 is the top of the line chair of the 30000 series from Panasonic. You can go to this link to check out the comparison between the 30006 and the 30003 and 30004 that we already have on our website. It is a great way to evaluate the different Panasonic models to compare and contrast:

Panasonic Chair Comparison 

The best part of all is the price. These chairs sold for $4999 at The Sharper Image, but we are making them available to you for $3699.  This is a substantial savings (duh!) and while the supplies last, you should take advantage of the pricing.  As of today’s date, we can only make the black model available.

By the way, we currently have the price of the Panasonic 30003 massage  chair at $2499, quite a savings from the regular $3999 pricing.

Call us at 1-888-259-5380 and we can answer your questions and place your order for you.

Dr. Alan Weidner