Panasonic 30003 Massage Chair Discontinued!

I just learned today from Panasonic rep that the 30003 massage chair model has been discontinued. We found out because we placed an order for one this morning and he told me that he wasn’t even sure if there was one left. Well, that was news to me! Fortunately, he was able to find one more for me…but it is the last one. By the way, I have my floor model 30003 massage chair that I guess I will be selling. I can sell it to anyone interested for $1899. Let me know if you want it…it is in perfect condition.

So, I guess Panasonic is putting all their energy behind the 30007 model now. We will have the new 30007 up on our site very shortly. We finally have some specs and images on it. As you recall, I put up a link to a pdf file that contained the brochure for the Panasonic 30007, but not many details were available. You can read about it here…

Below is a link to an information page on Panasonic’s website for the new Panasonic 30007:

They list the price at $5999, but for now I am offering it for $5499…until they tell me to change it. If you are interested in this chair and you want it before I get it up on our website, call me at 1-888-259-5380 and we’ll take your order over the phone.

Panasonic is also coming out with a new model chair called the 1285. It is available for pre-order only and it’s price point is $2699. I don’ t  know much about it, but here is a link to it’s product page on the Panasonic website:

As with the 30007, if you want it before we get it up on our site, call me at the same toll-free number you see above and we’ll get your on the pre-order list.

Have a super day!

Dr. Alan Weidner