Pain in the Neck – San Francisco Bay Times

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Upper body posture plays an important role in upper back and neck pain. As we go along throughout our day, posture and stretches help minimize upper back and neck pain. It is important to stretch throughout the day. Some good stretches for neck and upper back pain are shoulder rolls and the double chin stretch. It is important to stretch to the limit without any pain. If there is pain, one is stretching too much because stretching is not suppose to be painful.

Key Takeaways:

  • Be sure to warm up the neck muscles before adjusting the alignment of the head.
  • Although people may have their heads properly aligned atop their spine, they may be jutting out their chin which can cause neck pain.
  • Gently move the chin backwards, horizontally, to feel a gentle stretch in the neck.

“Neck pain is tricky, because there are so many muscles involved with holding the head up.”

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