Our Sedentary Society is Causing Back Pain

healthy young man practice youga in height mountain at early morning and sunrise

For most people, we work all day at a desk, where it’s likely that there’s some sort of stress, then we come home to relax in front of the TV until it’s time to go to sleep. Then we wake up wondering why we feel stiff and our backs ache, but it’s because our society is sedentary when movement is key to a healthy life.


The easy fix is just taking a Tylenol to relieve the pain, but experts are saying that we need to do more than just temporarily mask it, and that movement is key. At work, try changing positions, standing for a few minutes, going on a walk, or even talking to someone, any type of movement will help you adjust.


Another tip that you may find surprising is to focus on your breathing to help avoid back aches. Deep breathing stimulates muscles up and down the spine and really activates key muscles in your lower back. You may not realize it, but talking and laughing out loud are great ways to achieve deep breathing, and if you have time, do cardio or yoga, or anything that forces you to breathe.


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