Our First Visitors To The Showroom!!

Hundreds of our patients use our massage chairs every month, but on Friday night we had our first “non-patient” visitors to the Massage Chair Relief Retail Outlet. It was wonderful!! Tom and Debby Tedeschi contacted me through our website after reading entries on this very blog about our new store/showroom. They had been shopping at every store they could find that carried massage chairs in an effort to find the one they liked.

Their journey had taken them to Brookstone and their OSIM massage chairs, Relax-The-Back, and ultimately us. It was fantastic to have an outside, non-patient visitor to our showroom so that we could see how our set-up worked for not only a new-comer, but also for us as staff. It was also good to actually interact about the massage chairs with a “live” person, other than over the phone on our toll-free number, which is all we have done over the last 2.5 years since our site went online.

It was just wonderful having Tom and Debby at our place. They are great people and we ended up visiting for quite some time. They had great feedback for me about our new showroom and things related. For example, they said that our 6:00 p.m. closing hour was a little early for them and that 7:00 p.m. would have worked better with their work schedules. What great feedback! So, as the word gets out about our store, and as more and more folks find their way to us, we seriously get to reconsider our hours.

They also mentioned that they loved our selection of massage chairs from so many different manufacturers, plus the fact that we had 6 (soon to be 8!) massage chairs on display. They had not seen so great a selection in any of the stores they had visited prior to ours. By the way, in case you hadn’t noticed, we actually carry 15 models on our website.

They also enjoyed the fact that we did not pressure or “hover” over them while they were checking out the chairs. We were there when they needed us and gave them the freedom to experiment with the chairs at their own pace. I am not a salesman, nor will any of my staff ever be “salespeople”. I personally don’t like to be pressured our “hounded” when I walk into a store. I like having someone readily there as a resource when I need them, but I don’t want to feel any pressure. This is certainly the type of atmosphere I want to create in our store(s). Mission accomplished!

One thing that I think is invaluable in our arrangement is that a Chiropractor and a Licensed Massage Therapist are available to answer any physiological and/or anatomical questions about the benefits of the massage chairs. We truly are experts in back pain relief and our feedback, I feel, will be beneficial to our clients in the massage chair decision-,making process. Afterall, our patients use these chairs all day long. We certainly do get a feeling for what folks like and don’t like and what they need and don’t need.

Well, Debby and Tom may add their own comments to this blog over the next few days to share more about their experience. Oh, and by the way, they purchased a Panasonic 30003 massage chair before they left! They were down to the Panasonic and the Omega Montage. Debby liked the former, Tom the latter. Well, we all know who won! Hey, Tom, maybe you should get an Omega for the office! Now, we get to donate $50.00 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Utah for the Tedeschi’s purchase. We also invite Tom and Debby to write a review about their new massage chair when it is shipped to them this week.

OPEN HOUSE UPDATE: Our new outdoor sign went up on Friday, as did our new front window posters. The same folks that did our van “wrap” also did our window dressing. It looks great! My wife did a little interior decorating inside on Thursday and it looks so much homier already. She has a great feel for that kind of thing. If the decorating was up to me, it would probably look like a sterile hospital room! Our open house is this Monday from 3:00 – 6:00 p.m. and there will be food and drink to cater to the masses! We will even have some gluten-free food for those that are intolerant (of wheat that is!). Remember, our address is 2232 W. 5400 S. in Taylorsville, Utah.

We appreciate all of our patrons so very much. We are especially grateful to the Tedeschi Family for trusting us enough to come in and create a relationship with us. Enjoy your new massage chair!

Dr. Alan Weidner