Osaki OS-7000 (& OS-7075R) Arm Airbags – Video & Transcripts

Transcript of Video Titled “Osaki OS-7000 Massage Chair – Arm Airbags”

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Alan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘Massage-Chair-Relief.com.’ Thank you for visiting with us today. Today we’re going to talk about the arm airbags on the Osaki OS-7000 massage chair. Now, when we say arm airbags, it can also cover the hand and wrist and you can slide your arms up and down in the armrests, and we’ll show you here how the armrest looks. It’s one long airbag mechanism that has airbags on the bottom and on the top, and they compress on to the arms, and you can have you hand in here, and it’ll compress on your fingers. If you’re a tall person sometimes you may not completely fit, but this chair does fit up to 6′ 5,” and so you should be able to comfortably have your hand, wrist, and forearm massaged by this mechanism. Again, you have to have the chair on.

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Alan: You can push the button on the remote control that says ‘Hand,’ and then you will begin to see the airbags inflate, and we’ll try to show you on the video. You can see the airbags starting to inflate, they will inflate first on the hand. OK, you see that, see how that’s inflating, I can’t get my hand in it now, but that is, that’s the hand airbag, and both sides will inflate simultaneously, and then once that’s done, now it’s compressing. It’s going up and down, it’s inflating, deflating, inflating, deflating, and then what you’ll notice afterward – OK, you’ll notice now the calf, or sorry, the forearm massage and the elbow massage are both inflating as well. You can only see it on this side – oh yeah, it’s also on this side, it’s inflating also on this side – so it does happen concurrently, and so you’ve got airbags that are inflating on your hands, wrists, and arm, and near the elbow, and those airbags can compress fairly hard. You can adjust the intensity of the airbags with the remote control to a ‘Low,’ ‘Medium,’ or ‘High’ setting, but arms are pretty durable.

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Alan: Most people can handle any compression on the arms, so a ‘Low,’ ‘Medium,’ or ‘High’ is going to be very – it’s going to be very comfortable regardless. One thing that we do find with some of these chairs that have the open-ended massage pad, or open-ended massage airbags, is that sometimes the arms – you feel like your arms are getting squeezed out in to, you know, closer to your body – and you’re not getting the full benefit of the massage. So, sometimes you have to consciously remember to make sure your arms are pushed right up against the wall on the outside of the armrest to make sure that the airbag is working the arm and not squeezing and popping it out of the airbag mechanism of the armrest. And so that is the arm and hand and wrist airbag mechanism for the Osaki OS-7000. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel, if you’d like to be updated on more videos regarding this chair or any other chair.

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