Osaki OS-7000 Intro Video & Transcripts

Transcript of Video Titled “Osaki OS-7000 Massage Chair – Introduction”

[SCREEN TEXT: Introduction to the Osaki 7000]

Alan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘Massage-Chair-Relief.com‘, and today we are going to talk about the Osaki 7000 massage chair, and we’re going to give you an introductory demonstration of this chair. It’s a brand new chair from Osaki, it’s a very popular chair. It’s a nice, new look, which I really find unique in the massage chair industry. It’s got kind of an aerodynamic look, but it has like 3 different parts to the side. I don’t know if you can get a shot of that, Brock, you might want to come around over here so they can see how the side of it looks. It has the LED lighting on the side here, that changes colors, that doesn’t matter to you when you’re in the chair, but when you darken the room and you’re in the chair, you can see the lights, kind of, there’s this ambient color change background lighting in the darkened room. You’ll also notice on this chair, it has this interesting headband up here, and this is exactly what it is, it’s a headband, it’s got a little cushion that’s at the top of the head pillow, where you can hang it.

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Alan: And we’re going to demonstrate that on a separate video, but this is the feature we’ve never seen in a massage chair before. It’s kind of cool, I like it, and it’s designed to massage your head and the base of your skull, which is the perfect distribution of muscle discomfort for someone with headache. So, this is a great headache-treatment device, that we’ve never seen in a chair before. You’ll also see that the remote control is embedded, to some degree, in to the armrest, which is a little different. Usually there’s a pocket on the side, or a pedestal sticking up, this one is embedded in with a little carrier at the bottom, you slide it in there, and you can pop it down, and it obscures it generally from view. You’ll also see here that we’ve got airbags on the side, here, on both sides of course, arm airbags for your hands and your forearms, we have airbags here on the side, which is a little reminiscent of the Doctor’s Choice 3A massage chair from Inada, which has airbags that push your shoulders back so that the posture can be worked on a bit.

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Alan: Well, these airbags in the shoulder also inflate, particularly during one of the programs called the ‘Thai Stretch’, and we will demonstrate that in another video. But, there’s airbags here for the shoulders, which is kind of a nifty feature. You’ll also notice that there’s flaps here on the side, these are airbags on the side of the seat, these are airbags to inflate, when you’re in the chair, for a thigh and butt massage. There’s also airbags on the side of the pillow, of the back pillow, which inflate around the waist, and that will give you a low-back, an additional massage to the roller that goes up and down. And you can see the roller track here, you can see the rollers there, underneath the head pillow. And you can lift these head pillows, right up and out of the way, if you want a really intense massage, and you just want the linen between your back and the rollers, you can lift these things right off the back, they’re Velcroed on, easy to remove, and just enjoy the intensity of that massage. This chair is an intense chair, it’s got the most intense default rollers that we’ve ever seen on a chair, and the ‘Thai Stretch’ program is the most intense stretch program that we’ve ever seen on a massage chair. If you’re looking for a very, very intense massage, this is the chair.

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Alan: It’s got it all, and it’s a big chair, you’ll notice the size of it. If you look at it, you know, maybe Brock, you can pan over the other chairs. We’ve got it at the very end of this line, but it’s taller than all the other chairs in this showroom. So, it’s kind of got a long, it’s kind of got a long body and a wide body, it leaves a big footprint. All right, so that is the size of it. It comes in this black color, it comes in a ‘Taupe’ color, and an ‘Ivory’ color, which is an off-white. You’ll also notice here on the ottoman, you’ve got 2 separate pieces, one for the feet, and one for the calves. But, what’s interesting to this chair, if you look at the Osaki 6000 next to it, you’ll see that the foot massage component is kind of small, and then the calf is longer. On this one, you’ll notice that the foot and the calf are about the same width, so the airbag on the foot comes up a little bit higher in the back of the foot, up the Achilles and in to the base of the calf, and then the calf massage component does the rest of the calf, up to the knee. So, it’s a little different design for the foot and calf massage than we’ve ever seen before, but it feels great.

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Alan: I mean, it doesn’t feel a whole lot different than, you know, another calf and foot massage in any other chair, but it is kind of a different design, and I think, maybe that’s partly aesthetics to kind of match the rest of the segmental design of the chair. I think that is just about it for the introduction to this chair, of course, all the Osaki chairs come with a 1 year parts-and-labor, in-home warranty. They are, usually they ship out in, we usually get then in about a week, and they ship out of Dallas, we’re in Salt Lake, so any where around the country, plan on 5 to 7 business days shipping. But Osaki 7000, very nice chair, check out our other videos where I go in to detail about each of the different features. I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘Massage-Chair-Relief.com’, feel free to call us at 888-259-5380 or 801-417-8240. Thanks for visiting today.


Here is a link to this Osaki OS-7075R and OS-7000 massage chair tutorial.

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