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Cyber & DreamerAlan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘Massage-Chair-Relief.com’ and today I’m going to show you how the 3D Toggle button works on the remote control of the Osaki OS-3D Pro Cyber massage chair. It’s a very, very simple button, and it works wonders in both the automatic and in the manual settings. I’m going to show how it works in both settings because in the automatic setting, you only get two 3D adjustment levels. In the manual settings, you have a full five settings, and I’ll show you where it displays on the remote so you know what I’m talking about. The 3D, as you may remember from previous videos, means that you can adjust the rollers to move forward or back, thereby increasing or decreasing the intensity of the rollers, respectively.

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Alan: So, when you toggle the 3D button to move the rollers forward, it’ll increase your intensity, back, it’ll decrease your intensity. What this feature does is it allows you, in your home, to accommodate different bodies and different sensitivities of the people in your family. If you like an intense massage, you can move those rollers all the way forward to get an intense massage. If you’ve got a child, or a spouse, or a sister, or whatever, or a brother, or a grandfather, or a grandmother that wants a really, really light massage, well, then you can toggle it back, and bring the rollers back, and allow the massage to be quite a bit more gentle. It’s very good for being flexible with different types of body morphologies and sensitivities. So, anyway, I turned the chair on. Let’s start here, first of all, by turning on – maybe what I’ll do – and of course, I’m probably going to be reclining a bit, but I’m going to turn on, let’s turn on the, we’ll turn on the, let’s turn on the ‘Energy’ program. ‘Energy’ is the top program.

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Alan: So, it’s now turning on, and you’ll see down here, see where it says ‘3D,’ and it says ‘Time’ on top of the 3D, that little graphic, the time is the top half of this circle, and you can increase the time by pushing this button right here, the little timer. Of course, this is good for a separate video, but I’m showing how this little dial here, accommodates that, the time on the top, but the 3D is adjusted on the bottom. Over here is the 3D button, and if you toggle the right, watch the levels here, see how it increased, there’s one, and then toggle the left, it brings it back down, and you can even bring it lower, to the lowest setting. Toggle it on the right, and now it goes to the first setting, toggle it again, and it’s up to the full, the full intensity in an automated program.

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Alan: Now, if I want to go to a manual program, we lower this, and now we can go over here and push – there’s a number of buttons here – that offer the different modalities that the massage chair can do. So, let’s say you want ‘Kneading,’ and let’s say, here’s ‘Kneading’ and Tapping.’ So, now I’ll push ‘Kneading and Tapping,’ and what you can do now is – the 3D defaults to one of the lower settings – but now, I can move, with this same toggle button, if you’ll watch here, I’m going to move the rollers up. You can move the rollers up and down by toggling the same button at the top and the bottom. The intensity can be adjusted by toggling the right and left, the height of the rollers, and where you want them to go, and work on your spine, you do it from the top or bottom. So, let’s toggle up, and you’ll see the arrow moving up, and you’ll see the little dots showing where the rollers are going, and now it’s stopped in the neck. So, if I want to have a neck massage, now the rollers are in my neck, and they’re massaging my neck, but what if I want to increase the intensity, because we want a really deep, deep neck massage.

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Alan: Well, now watch when I toggle to the right for intensity, it’s got one setting, two, three, four, five. Now, you’ve got five settings, and it actually moves more forward, when you are in the manual settings, and it moves almost, about three-and-a-quarter inches. So, it’s a significant move from most retracted to most deployed, and so now I’ve got a neck massage that’s with a full level five, if you will, intensity. If it’s too much, or someone else wants to use the same, you know, ‘Kneading,’ or ‘Rolling,’ or ‘Tapping’ in the neck, or in any part of the body, you lower, you can toggle the intensity back down again, on the left, using the left side, and toggle down like that. If you want to move the rollers down, and you want it to go down in to the middle back, or the low back, you can see the arrow, it means that it’s going down, and the roller will continue to go down, to wherever you want it to go. Let’s say I want to stop right there and have it on my mid back. Well, now the rollers are on my mid back, and it’s on the lowest intensity, I can adjust the intensity again, or I can decrease the intensity.

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Alan: So, that is the 3D button. The 3D button allows you to increase or decrease the intensity of the rollers, and it allows you to toggle up or down to get the rollers to move up or down the spine, in the manual settings. I should mention, that when you’re using an automated program, like one of the – like the automated program we used right off the bat, the ‘Energy’ program — the toggle will not move the rollers up and down, because that’s all preset, everything’s preset. When it’s in the manual settings, then you can do anything you want, you can adjust where the rollers go, you can adjust if they, you can, the chair will allow you to determine if the rollers stay in one spot, or if it moves six inches above or below, in a zone. You can also adjust the intensity of the rollers, with five full settings. You can adjust the width of the rollers, you can adjust the speed of the rollers, you can change the modalities – if you just want ‘Kneading,’ you can do that, if you want ‘Kneading and Tapping,’ you can do that, if you want ‘Knocking,’ or ‘Percussion,’ you can do that – and so, the real flexibility comes in the manual settings. That is basically – I’ve gone off on a little bit of, a couple of little different tangents, like the timer, how that works, and the different modalities – but the bottom line is, you can adjust the intensity, and where the rollers are working, by using that 3D Toggle button on the Pro Cyber. So, that is the 3D button on the Osaki OS-3D Pro Cyber massage chair. If you found this video helpful, please feel free to share it on Facebook, or Twitter, or Google Plus, and ‘Like’ us. Of course, you can ‘Like’ this, thumbs up ‘Like’ this video, or subscribe to our video channel, our YouTube video channel, to receive updates on subsequent videos about this chair, or any other chair. We thank you for watching today. I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘Massage-Chair-Relief.com’ and I look forward to seeing you on the next video. See you. Bye bye.

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