Omega Montage Pro Massage Chair – New!

Omega Montage Pro Massage Chair

Omega has come out with a new massage chair and they are calling it the Montage Pro. It is a nice looking chair, apparently patterned

Omega Montage Pro Massage Chair
Omega Montage Pro Massage Chair

after the design of the very popular Inada Sogno Dreamwave massage chair. We have seen Osaki, OSIM, and now Omega come out with Inada Sogno look-a-likes.

I can’t speak to how the Pro feels, since I’ve not sat in it yet, but I can certainly point out a few things about the chair which I feel are noteworthy.

1. Mechanical rollers in the feet. I wrote a blog post some time ago about mechanical foot rollers after a client asked me if I was aware of any massage chairs with mechanical foot rollers, and not just air bag compression massage. He had owned a King Kong chair which apparently had mechanical rollers, but they had gone out of business. Other than the “paddles” which the HT-9500 massage chair has (not rollers but air paddles), every other massage chair I could think of had only air bag compression massage in the feet. The Omega Pro HAS mechanical foot rollers.

2. 30″ Roller  Track. 30″ is a good long roller track. Some chairs have 25″ or less roller track length. If that is the case, the area that is compromised is the low, low back. The longer the track length the further down the low back the rollers will go. If you’ll pardon the pun, the long and short of what I’m trying to say is 30″ is a good long length.

3. It has an intensity control, unlike the other Omega chairs in the Montage family. So, if you want it one intensity and someone else in your home wants it at another intensity, the Pro provides that option.

4. No Stretch program. Stretch programs, regardless of the manufacturer, are usually well liked features of a massage chair. I noticed in the literature that stretch is not an available program on this chair.

5. Heat. Just like the other Montage models, heat is a big feature in the Pro.

Well, that about sums up my initial observations of this new chair from Omega. The price point is $6499. Compared to the Inada Sogno that is a bit pricey for a Chinese-made massage chair. When Inada raises the price of their Sogno to $7799 in February 2012 Omega’s price might seem a little more reasonable, relatively-speaking. Learn more about the chair here:

Dr. Alan Weidner