October Massage Chair Relief Special of the Month

Well, our 2-for-1 massage chair offer in September was quite successful, but many folks didn’t want to fork out the top dollar for the expensive chairs just for a second massage chair. So, this month we are going to do something that can appeal to most massage chair buyers.

This month, we are offering a Visa Gift Card from giftcards.com for any of you who purchase a massage chair on our site. Not bad, eh? So, here is all you have to do…when you add the chair of your dreams into the shopping cart, you will be directed to the check out page. On that page, there is a section called “Coupon” and a field with these words written over the top of the field “Enter your Coupon Code here”. In that field just type in the word “Visa” and we will know exactly what you mean and we will order your Visa Gift Card right away.

Here is the breakdown of how the Visa Gift Cards will be distributed:

1. Massage Chairs under $2000 – $100 Visa Gift Card

2. Massage Chairs $2000 – $4000 – $200 Visa Gift Card

3. Massage Chairs over $4000 – $300 Visa Gift Card

How does that sound? Pretty easy, eh? It is getting closer and closer to Christmas and since you are getting a massage chair anyways, why not get some extra bucks to spend on another Christmas gift? By the way, you still get the free bonus gifts and free shipping with every purchase.

Have a great month…and Happy Halloween!

Dr. Alan Weidner