Obesity does not predict equal risk for all stroke types

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Stroke is the leading cause in death in the Us ,but there are 3 different types of strokes that a person can have,does obesity have a greater impact on having one type of stroke over another.Research shows that obese woman have a increase in ischemic stroke and a decrease in hemorrhagic stroke.Showing that different types of strokes have different risk profiles,higher body mass poses a higher risk in every stroke category.

Key Takeaways:

  • However, new research shows that excess weight has varied effects on different types of stroke.
  • They showed that, globally, risks associated with excess weight are significantly stronger for ischemic than hemorrhagic stroke.
  • Obesity is a substantial stroke risk factor for all ages and even more alarming for young adults.

“Among women with a healthy weight – body mass index (BMI) 22.5-25 – 0.7 percent had an ischemic stroke and 0.5 percent had a hemorrhagic stroke.”