Nine Strategies Busy Professionals Can Use To Reduce Stress – Forbes

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For business professionals, stress is guaranteed. If stress is not managed properly, it could lead to making bad decisions in the workplace, thus leading to more stress. Several members from the Forbes Coaches Council suggest that workers in the business industry manage their stress in the following ways: meditation, a good sleeping and eating routine, exercise, actualization, taking breaks, learning, embracing oneself, and setting goals. Most of these suggestions focus on the person taking time from their day to reflect, effectively managing stress.

Key Takeaways:

  • Professional managers can lead their employees better if they are less stressful on the job.
  • The Forbes Coaches Council came up with a list of 9 stress relievers that have worked well for them.
  • Many of the 9 stress reducers deal with being in sound physical condition including getting enough sleep, getting exercise, meditation, and eating right.

“There are a number of practical strategies that professionals can incorporate into their lives to reduce stress.”

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