New Sanyo 8700 Massage Chair!!

I just found out from a client (it seems I always get the news 2nd hand) that Sanyo has a new model called the 8700 massage chair. I didn’t believe him, so I called my Sanyo rep and, sure enough, 3 weeks ago Sanyo launched this new model. It is in the same family as the 6700 and 7700 massage chairs, but has some upgrades. Here is what I got:

  1. The ottoman extends 8″ instead of 6″ – to make it comfortable for folks up to 6’4″ tall.
  2. The GK roller “balls” are larger on the 8700 than on the 6700/7700 models. This lends to a more gentle roller feel….less of a “shiatsu” feel. This client told me that it is a more comfortable massage than the 6700/7700 roller “balls”.
  3. The foot and calf mechanism is two pieces as opposed to the one piece on the 7700.
  4. 3 zero gravity positions vs 1 or 2 zero gravity positions.
  5. On top of the regular pulse, perspiration, and temperature sensor that the 7700 has, the 8700 massage chair now has a “stress” sensor to measure “mental fatigue” (I have no idea how they measure that, but I am very curious to find out).

The price point is $5999.

We will have this chair on the website by next week, but you can call us anytime for more information or place the order.

Dr. Alan Weidner