New nerve stimulator improves back pain management –

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Chronic back pain has multiple conventional treatments. But when those fail, there is a new possibility. A new implant device that block pain transmission from the nerves. Unlike the older electric base blockers, this uses a high frequency oscillation. The high frequency simulator will eliminate the problems that some people had with the older electric based blockers.This new therapy can even be used in conjunction with more traditional therapy one the pain is reduced or eliminated.

Key Takeaways:

  • Even the simplest of tasks were too much, so he sought help with pain management physician Dr. Richard Bundschu, who recommended Nevro, a new spinal stimulator device.
  • While spinal cord stimulators aren’t new, Nevro works differently.
  • The electrodes are hooked up to a device placed under the skin, roughly the size of a pacemaker battery.

“”I told Dr. Bundschu once, it was like an angel had come down and touched my shoulders and healed me because I no longer have the pain that I had before””

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