New HuTech KAI GTS7 & KAI GTS9 Chairs

August 23, 2022
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
August 23, 2022
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

New HuTech KAI GTS7 & KAI GTS9 Chairs

Welcome the new KAI GTS9 and GTS7 massage chair models! Furniture For Life, distributors of OHCO, Positive Posture, Panasonic, and D.Core chairs, are excited to finally welcome HuTech chairs to their portfolio. HuTech is a South Korean company that is introducing it's KAI line of chairs. The KAI GTS7 and KAI GTS9 are their first offerings to the US & Canadian markets. I will not be reviewing these models in this article, but will focus on some key points about each chair and the primary differences between the two massage chairs.




Things you should know right off the top:

  1. The KAI chairs are considered to be "Made in Korea", although, like the "Made in Japan" chairs, the parts are made in China and then exported to Korea where the chairs are assembled, tested, and programmed. Thus..."Made in Korea".
  2. HuTech was established in 2007 and is the fastest growing massage chair company in South Korea. FFL is the exclusive distributor for the US and Canada.
  3. The main differentiating feature of the KAI chairs is the sonic wave technology. The bottom two rollers of the 4 back rollers emit sound waves that create a high frequency vibration that many people will find relaxing and therapeutic. The GTS9 has the sonic wave feature in the back rollers and the foot rollers, while the GTS7 has it just in the back rollers. The sonic wave technology penetrates deeper into muscles than just regular roller and heat therapy.
  4. The GTS7 comes in one piece. It will need doorways of at least 34" to fit in your home or business. There are instructions available to show you how to remove the arm rests if your doorways are less than 34", but Furniture For Life will not be offering white glove delivery (in-home delivery & setup) on that model.
  5. The GTS9 comes in three boxes and the main chair body can fit through a 25.25" doorway. This is one of the narrowest doorway fits of any full size massage chair. However, because of the length of time it takes to assemble this chair, Furniture For Life does not offer white glove delivery on this model, either. That may change in the future, as I have been told that the factory is working on making the assembly easier and more intuitive.

Similarities between the KAI GTS7 & KAI GTS9:

  1. L-track+ (which is essentially a J-track roller track - you can learn about the differences between the various track in this video) Both tracks are approximately 43" long.
  2. Both chairs are space savers.

    Kai GTS7 massage chair

    KAI GTS7

  3. Sonic wave therapy.
  4. 3 zero gravity positions.
  5. Geometric upholstery stitching.
  6. 28 auto programs, including Soundscape massage.
  7. Bluetooth speakers.
  8. 3D roller mechanism (which means you can adjust the depth of the rollers).
  9. Foot rollers.
  10. Ambient mood lighting.
  11. Both chairs give you 4" of depth of the rollers. In other words, you can move the rollers forward and back for a super deep roller massage of the back or a much lighter, gentler massage. There are 12 depth settings to cover that 4" range. I have to admit, the GTS9 I sat on gave one of the strongest deep tissue massages of any chair I've tried. A great option if you want a really strong roller massage.

Differences between the KAI GTS7 & KAI GTS9:

  1. The GTS9 comes in Obsidian black and Moonstone white colors, while the GTS7 comes in Rose Gold (exterior color is rose gold, the interior synthetic leather is black).

    HuTech KAI GTS9 massage chair

    KAI GTS9

  2. Although the chairs have similar primary features, the bodies are different shapes. The GTS9 has a "pod" design while the GTS7 has a more arm rests separate from the shoulder airbag housing. Of interest, the design of the GTS9 was inspired by the  Maserati Gran Turismo automobile.
  3. Although both chairs have foot rollers, only the GTS9 has the sonic wave technology integrated into the foot rollers.
  4. Both chairs have ambient mood lighting, but the GTS9 uses 7 different colors, while the GTS7 has only one color.
  5. The GTS7 has a heating element in the low back and calves, whereas the GTS9 has a heating element in the seat and calves PLUS heated rollers going up and down your whole back. You can also adjust the heat of each zone independently of each other in the GTS9, as opposed to one setting for both heating elements of the GTS7.
  6. Both chairs have 3D rollers, but the way that the rollers move in and out are different. The GTS9 moves the roller mechanism in and out for different depths mechanically. The GTS7 uses airbags to move the roller mechanism forward and back. They both provide the same result, but because of the pneumatic 3D roller movement in the GTS7, it feels a bit softer and more nuanced than the stiffer mechanical 3D roller movement of the GTS9.
  7. Although both models are space savers, the GTS9 is a "wall hugger", which means you can place the chair within 1-2" , or even less, from your wall. The GTS7 is a space saver but not a "wall hugger". You will need 4-5" between the wall and the back of your chair.
  8. The GTS9 has a USB charging port, whereas the GTS7 does not.
  9. The GTS9 has secondary fingertip controls (what I refer to as "Quick Keys"). The GTS7 does not.
  10. As mentioned previously, the GTS9 has sonic waves emitting from the lower two back rollers and from the foot rollers. The GTS7 only has sonic waves emitting from the lower two back rollers.
  11. The GTS9 has mechanical calf rollers that move in a circular, rotating motion. The GTS7 has hard rubber nobules behind the calf muscles, but they do not move.
  12. The GTS9 can handle taller bodies than the GTS7. The literature states that both chairs can fit someone as tall as 6'3". I agree that the GTS9 can, but the manager of our NorCal store, that has the GTS7 on the floor, says that the rollers will not get to the top of the neck of someone who is 6'3". He believes it will better fit someone 6' or shorter.
  13. At the time of this writing, the GTS9 is priced at $11,999 and the GTS7 is priced at $9999.

Well, that's about it. It is a unique chair and has the capacity for a very deep tissue massage. I think it is a chair you need to try during your search for the optimal massage chair. We have the GTS7 in our Northern California store and the GTS9 in our SoCal, AZ, and UT stores. Feel free to drop by and try them out. I think you will be impressed.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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