New Guidelines For Treating Lower Back Pain – News

While every patient is an individual people with back pain may see a new trend in the medical office. People with generalized back pain may find that doctors are less willing to prescribe pain medication. Instead they may suggest yoga, treating with heat and ice, or perhaps even giving acupuncture a try. While back pain from accidents or falls should still be treated by a doctor, general back pain can be treated with other options other than pain meds.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lower back pain affects many individuals and a solid treatment plan is essential to alleviate pain.
  • The backlash of the opioid epidemic has led many doctors to attempt homeopathic treatments.
  • Opioids are not effective towards fighting and alleviating back pain.

“The biggest change is that they now recommend non-pharmacological treatment as a first line of treatment because most patients with acute back pain (lasting less than four weeks) or subacute back pain (lasting four to 12 weeks) will improve over time regardless of treatment.”

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