New EMG Can Show Back Pain

Portrait of two aged females doing yoga exercise for balance in sport gym

An EMG is a diagnostic procedure that uses electrical and neurological stimulation to trace the origin of back pain. It does this by finding the symptoms such as pain, tingling, numbness, and weakness. Conventionally, EMG’s were not used to diagnose back pain or neck pain, but it has recently shown to be a valuable testing tool to help find the source of pain in order to treat it.

EMG’s are usually performed by neurologists, but can be performed by PA’s or technicians as well. The reason why this test is showing to be an important diagnostic test is because it can relatively accurately diagnose a wide range of neuromuscular deficits by tracing the symptoms back to their anatomical source destinations.

Once you are able to pinpoint the location and cause of back pain using an EMG, you will be more likely to be able to decide a better treatment plan to cure the pain.

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