New Approaches to Pain Education

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Part of the hurtle of solving pain management it the lack of pain education. The IASP Pain Education SIG coordinated a session called "Innovative Approaches to Pain Education", with the goal being to update on the challenges and ongoing efforts of improving the consistency and accuracy of pain education in medical programs.

Some of the barriers were presented by another pain management specialist which he titled, "3 Sad Realities". The first barrier he pointed out was poor pain management education in medical schools around the world. The second was that 90% of postgrad physicians report no adequate training in pain. The third was simply that there is inaccurate education.

They did present solutions however, such as dedicating more time to education at all levels, starting with medical schools, and providing mandatory pain education. The IASP Pain Education SIG is dedicated to establishing consistency and accuracy around pain education, however it's painful just hearing there is a deficit in pain education.

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